Gewijde zang door Koor Harpa Dei

00:00 Introducción

03:43 TRADICIÓN JUDÍA (Deroshna)

08:36 SIRIA (Padrenuestro en arameo)

11:14 GRIEGA (Agni Parthene)


19:01 COPTA: Rey de paz

23:34 INDIA: Jesús, el manjar celestial (bhajan)

26:13 CHINA: 中国圣⺟ (Santa Madre de China)



36:19 BIZANTINO-RUSA: Благословен есu Господи (Blagosloven jesi Gospodi)

41:14 TRADICIÓN DE GEORGIA: შენ ხარ ვენახი (Shen khar venakhi)

45:34 MÉXICO: Canto del manto de la Virgen de Guadalupe

50:54 LATINA: O Ignis Spiritus (Santa Hildegarda)

55:39 Despedida

Koor Harpa Dei

Het koor Harpa Dei (Gods Harp) bestaat uit ’n broer en drie zussen uit een gezin: Nikolai, Lucia, Marie-Elisée en Mirjana Gerstner. Geboren in Duitsland, opgegroeid in Ecuador, in Zuid-Amerika. Alle vier zijn ze verbonden met een katholieke religieuze Gemeenschap.

The members are three sisters and one brother. All the music is for the glory of our Heavenly Father and to collect and show the richness of the musical answers of the peoples to the event of the coming of our Lord into this world. Most of the songs are traditional liturgical songs sung in the language in which the song was written. Of course there is a difference between the original singing and the style of Harpa Dei. But one can always perceive the “taste” of the original song – sometimes the version of Harpa Dei might be even more beautiful because of the spiritual dimension. Anyway, the richness of those different songs invites to listen and to get in touch with the Spirit of the Lord! May this Musica Sacra help to discover and enjoy the beauty and goodness of our Lord!

Since 2011, as part of a peace initiative, the siblings have been called to evangelization through Sacred Music. In this sense, Harpa Dei tries to collect the most beautiful songs from different traditions, in order to glorify God, and, on the other hand, to transmit to people the beauty of the Lord, which shines so eminently in Sacred Music. Since then, their mission has taken them to many countries in the world, including Mexico, Israel, Germany, Russia, Ecuador, Lithuania, the United States, and so on. Harpa Dei hopes to be able to contribute to recovering and creating sensitivity towards the musical tradition of the universal Church, which, in the words of Vatican Council II, “constitutes a treasure of inestimable value, which stands out among other artistic expressions.” (Constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium).


Gods Harp

Broer Nikolai en zussen Lucia, Marie-Elisée

en Mirjana