Cardinal Burke: I’m happy to be called ‘fundamentalist’ if it means upholding the basics of the faith


Veritas Vincit: The Truth Shall Prevail

not to oppose errorIf being a “fundamentalist” means upholding the basics of the Catholic faith, then Cardinal Raymond Burke is happy to wear the label.

“If fundamentalist means someone who insists on the basic things, I am a fundamentalist,” he told the Italian magazine Il Foglio in an interview.

“I belong to Christ,” he told Il Foglio. “I act in his person. I teach only what He teaches in his Church, because this teaching will save souls.”

Cardinal Burke dismissed the use of labels, because labeling a person, he says, disregards the truth of what the person does, but he was clear about which label he does bear. “I am a Roman Catholic,” he stated.

Cardinal Burke has spoken forthrightly during both this year’s and last year’s installment of the Synod about the importance of maintaining the truth of what the Church teaches.

Both Synod sessions have involved debate over how to minister…

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