We love Mary, yes we do!


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We love Mary, yes we do! We love Mary, how ’bout you!

Happy month of Mary! In the Catholic faith, May is a month devoted to our heavenly Carte_SignetUS2016_1Mother Mary, asking her to increase our faith and trust in her Son (among other things). We know that Mary has a special connection to Her Son, and she is forever asking us to love Him more and become better disciples!

Because of this, Catholics and other denominations ask Mary for her intercession and help in becoming more Christ-like. Called “devotions,” these forms of intentions range from songs and chants to month-long spiritual conversations. We’ve asked our missionaries what their favorite Marian devotions are, and here are some to share, including links if you’re interested in learning more:

“My favorite Marian devotion is the Legion of Mary Tessera. It includes within it the Magnificat that Mary spoke to Elizabeth in Luke’s gospel. It like it because it gets me fired up about going to Jesus through Mary and it permeates into all areas of my life.” –Dirk M, Eastern route, rider
“My family used to volunteer at a soup kitchen on the west side of Chicago that was run by the Missionaries of Charity. They taught us one of Mother Teresa’s prayer strategies – a mini “novena” of nine Memorares said in moments when she didn’t have enough advance notice to do a novena over nine days. I think I use it when I probably should do a full novena, but when I am in a difficult moment and need Mary’s help, that’s my go-to devotion.”  -Chris Kania, former rider, current accounting support
Our-Lady-of-Guadalupe“As I reflect on Mary and her many graces given to all, she constantly reminds us of her Son, Jesus Christ. She leads and guides us toward his love and mercy. Our Lady of Guadalupe holds a special place in my discernment to the priesthood. At the end of summer as fall approached, I was asked by a dear friend to join in preparing for Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Celebration. Every September, the sounds of drums come to my mind. As Our Lady asked to have a church built, each year in her celebration brings people of different cultures to come together as the Body of Christ. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe shows her caring Christ Jesus in her womb and correlates the celebration in the Season of Advent. A time when we prepare for the coming of Christ as a baby. Together as we come together this summer, May our Lady of Guadalupe hold us in the mantel of her Grace.” –Fr. Patrick H., Southern Route, rider
“My personal favorite Marian devotion is the Angelus. During the summer when I’m working I like praying it before my lunch hour!” – Chris S., Northern route, rider
“The Marian Consecration to Jesus was a turning-point in my life this past year. I felt a deeper understanding of Mary’s great love for humanity, and learned so much about the Blessed Virgin’s queenship and abilities to intercede for us with grace. While I struggled to commit to a daily rosary, our family consecration to Jesus through Mary has illustrated the great need for devotion to Christ through his precious Mother, and now each day that I faithfully recite the rosary, I grow closer to Christ in the mysteries, to Mary and her motherhood, and to God in his infinite care for us. Words can’t even express how deeply impactful a rosary each day is on my life and my love for others. It has moved us to care for our neighbors, our family members and has brought my “every-day to-do list” into the loving arms of a God who entrusts us with much work, and brings fruits out of our labor.” –Ashley W., Northern route, support crew
“My favorite Marian devotion is the Novena to Our Lady, Undoer of Knots. Every time I have prayed it for a specific thing, She has helped me with my crosses and has answered my prayers, first starting with bringing me the love of my life. I asked for clarity and for someone to be brought into my life to love me for me, and my future fiance began her new job on my birthday in my hometown (best birthday present ever). Now she and I pray this novena, asking for Mary to bring our petitions to her Son, and she has helped us overcome very substantial crosses in our relationship. It’s easily been the most powerful set of prayers in my life.” -Timothy W., off-road support
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