Biblical Genesis and Creation: “When Faith and Science tell the same story!”


Vanuit het Verleden: Hybride kruisingen

Dr. F.S. Martelli

A priest from the Belluno area of N.E. Italy, Fr. Guido Bortoluzzi, who died in 1991, received from the Lord a series of revelations on the origin of man and the creation of the universe that give light to the darkest and most controversial parts of Genesis thereby opening up for mankind of the third millennium the way of Truth, which alone can make us free.
Without going into the details of the revelations received by Fr. Guido, whose book I vividly recommend to all who thirst for authentic knowledge, I recall briefly that the approach described in this paper is that the progenitor of the human race, “Adam”, generated two lineages, a pure and legitimate one with the woman that God had placed at his side as companion, and a second illegitimate one which was the result of hybridization with a female of an inferior, yet…

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